October 10

LGBTQ+ Estate Planning is essential

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LGBTQ+ Estate Planning is essential 

LGBTQ+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer) individuals face unique challenges that heterosexual couples do not face when it comes to estate planning. LGBTQ+ couples can easily marry in many states throughout the US with full federal recognition thanks to the Supreme Court's decision.

Unfortunately, LGBTQ+ individuals still lag behind when it comes to matters of estate planning

Estate Planning for your family

LGBTQ+ people often do not feel like they need an estate plan because LGBTQ+ marriage is federally recognized in most states. However, LGBTQ+ couples need to be aware that they are at risk for losing protections granted by state law when moving across state lines or even out of the country where LGBTQ+ marriage might not be recognized.

It is important LGBTQ+ individuals know how to limit the risk of losing benefits granted by state law after LGBTQ+ marriage is federally recognized.

This article will cover LGBTQ+ estate planning strategies that all LGBTQ+ people should be aware of, even if they are not legally married or in a committed relationship. At its most basic level LGBTQ+ Estate Planning helps protect your partner and loved ones when you die.

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