Oklahoma Probate Documents

Some of the Oklahoma probate documents needed to start an Oklahoma Probate:

  1. Original Will.  Sometimes the original cannot be located.  However, if you have a copy, then contact us immediately.  In most cases we can use a copy for probate in Oklahoma.
  2. Make a list of all creditors. Bring a copy of account statements to our office.  We are required to give Notice of Probate to all known creditors.
  3. List of insurance agents, financial advisors, etc… Some insurance policies pay funeral costs, so its important to make contact as soon as possible.
  4. All surviving family members.  This includes spouse and children.  If they were not married, then parents and siblings.  We will need contact information for everyone.
  5. Notify the Social Security Administration.
  6. Cancel their driver’s license and passport
  7. Cancel any club memberships.
  8. Notify the U.S. Post Office.
  9. List all social media accounts.  Some will require a court order and others just require a copy of the death certificate.
  10. If they has a CPA or tax professional, then notify them.
  11. Contact their employer.  There might be benefits due to heirs.

This is just a short list of the documents needed for probate, and it is not exhaustive.  However, probate process will go much smoother if you can locate some or all of the documents listed above.  Some things will need to be done right a way, but remember to give yourself and your family time to grieve.  Contact the Cortes Law Firm for assistance in starting the process and gathering these Oklahoma probate documents.  Steve Cortes is an Oklahoma City Probate Attorney with over 19 years of legal experience. He can help you decide what needs to be done quickly, and what can wait until the probate process begins. Call Steve Cortes at 405-213-0856.

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