About Us

When it comes to estate planning and probate law in Oklahoma, the Cortes Law Firm stands out as one of the top firms in Oklahoma. 

Known for their personal representation and individual attention to each client, the attorneys at the Cortes Law Firm take the time to truly understand their clients' unique goals and concerns. Whether you're seeking to protect your assets, plan for the future, or navigate the probate process, the team at the Cortes Law Firm is dedicated to helping you achieve your objectives.

Stephen Cortes


Stephen Cortes, managing partner at our law firm, is dedicated to providing personalized, cost-effective estate planning solutions for individuals, families, and business owners.

He understands the importance of comprehensive estate planning for the financial and physical well-being of his clients, and is committed to helping them achieve peace of mind.

Jessie Rosson

Jessie Rosson


Jessie Rosson is a highly experienced paralegal with a 17-year career in civil litigation. 

She graduated with a B.A. in religion and a minor in sociology and has since assisted with case administration and brief writing in various courts, including administrative courts, State courts, Federal courts in multiple U.S. districts, the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals, and the U.S. Supreme Court.