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It's a heavy responsibility at a difficult time.  We can help.

Oklahoma Probate

If you are in charge of an estate, it is important that your priority be on taking care of yourself. Taking care of yourself comes before anything else when dealing with someone you love because feeling emotionally ready will make it easier down the road; don't let their death cloud how much joy they brought into yours by rushing through these things.

A probate attorney at the Cortes Law Firm can help with this burden.

Assets will then go through the probate process which includes paying off any legitimate debts they have as well as all taxes owed on those earnings before distributing whatever inheritance may exist under Oklahoma law or according to a Last Will and Testament if one exists.

If at any point an inheritance is questioned and proof of family ties needs to be shown, DNA resources can be of assistance for this, as well as other .


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Oklahoma City Probate Attorney

During the Oklahoma probate process your grief and to-do list, can be quite overwhelming and it is important to speak with a qualified Oklahoma City Probate Attorney. We can help you avoid obstacles and free time to care for yourself and your family. 

Oklahoma Probate Procedure

With or without a Will the Oklahoma probate process is a civil court matter, which inventories all assets, pays debts and taxes, and then makes inheritance distributions. For VERY small estates there is also something called a small estate affidavit

Oklahoma Summary Probate

Oklahoma allows for Summary Probate procedure where the total value of the estate is under $200,000. This process takes less time and under the correct situation can be a great option. 

Probate Documents

It can be difficult, but in Oklahoma some of these things have a deadline. If possible, secure the deceased's real estate and personal property as soon as possible. Then meet with us and start gathering some of the probate documents listed here.

Oklahoma no longer has an estate tax. The federal government does, but the 2018 Tax Reform Act has increased the estate tax exemption for 2021 to $11.58 million per person and the gift tax exclusion is $16,000. Most Oklahomans do not need to worry about estate taxes, but proper planning is important to pass along as much inheritance as possible.

Stephen Cortes

I regularly represent clients who serve in a fiduciary capacity, such as executors, administrators and guardians." Oklahoma City Estate Planning Attorney Stephen Cortes has over 19 years of legal experience.

Small Estate Affidavit

As of 2021, if a person dies without a Will and their Oklahoma estate is less than $50,000, then their heirs might be able to take advantage of the Oklahoma Small Estate Affidavit

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