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As an Oklahoma City Estate Planning Attorney, I know that each individual and family is unique. That is why we take time at the beginning of each relationship to sit down and visit with you regarding your goals and dreams. And, to carefully listen to your worries and fears. We are proud to provide each client personal representation and individual attention.

General Counsel

Since serving as Governor Henry's General Counsel, Stephen Cortes continues to help businesses across Oklahoma with their day to day legal needs.


Estate Planning

“While I am living I want to control my stuff.  If I become disabled I want to take care of myself and my loved ones.  I want to give what I want, to whom I want, when I want.”


The Oklahoma Probate Procedure can be confusing and frustrating for many people. With over 19 years of experience we can help guide you through this difficult time.

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Revocable Living Trusts, Wills, Powers of Attorney, Living Wills, Healthcare Power of Attorney, Adult Guardianship, Probate and Trust Administration, Charitable Trusts, Special Needs Trusts, Life Insurance Trusts, Family Limited Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies, Family Law, Civil Litigation, and DUI.

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Documents You Need When a Child Becomes a College Student

Documents You Need When a Child Becomes a College Student Most parents are surprised to learn they no longer have access to health care information for their college student.  At 18 years old, your child is legally an adult.  Parents also can no longer make legal decisions for them.  For a parent their child will always be their child, however a hospital or medical professi [...]

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Truth About Living to 100

The Truth About Living to 100 years old. - Senior Living Trust Series [...]

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2018 IRS Estate Tax Exemption and 2018 IRS Gift Tax Exclusion

2018 IRS Estate Tax Exemption and 2018 IRS Gift Tax Exclusion UPDATE The federal government has released the 2018 IRS Estate Tax Exemption and 2018 IRS Gift Tax Exclusion.  The numbers are up this year from the 2017 exemption and exclusion.  The estate tax exemption this year is $5.6 million, which is up from $5.49 last year.  As discussed in Forbes, this potentially gives [...]

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Oklahoma Summary Probate Cortes Law Firm

Oklahoma Simplified Probate Requirements for Oklahoma Summary Probate The value of the estate is less than or equal to $200,000.00; The Decedent has been deceased for more than 5 years; or The Decedent resided in another jurisdiction at the time of death. Quicker Probate Process Oklahoma law requires at least 45 days before Final Hearing Possible [...]

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