Estate Planning Questionnaire

Do you want to make sure your wishes are carried out after your death? Do you want to ensure that the people who care for and love you will be financially taken care of? If so, it is important that you plan ahead. This Estate Planning Questionnaire can help guide you through some of the key decisions in estate planning.

Estate planning involves discussing complex financial issues and decisions. Estate planning is often done during your life to ensure your plans are carried out after you die. Estate planning helps provide for the person or people you choose to receive what you own when you no longer need it. Estate planning includes deciding who gets your property and how they will receive it upon death. Estate planning also provides instructions on how your assets will be managed, protected, transferred, taxed, and distributed according to your wishes toward beneficiaries of your choosing.

This Estate Planning Questionnaire will help guide us in creating a custom estate plan just for you. Estate planning might involve preparing a will, trusts, powers of attorney and other legal documents. Estate planning can be more complex for people with substantial wealth or many assets.

Estate Planning Questionnaire Video Below

You may want to consult with your tax advisor before finalizing any decisions related to your Estate Planning Questionnaire. Please complete this questionnaire as accurately as you can; it will help us better serve you if we identify specific concerns that should be further analyzed during your Estate Planning consultation. You do not need to have all the information now but try to provide as much information as possible so you are comfortable making informed Estate Planning decisions. Estate planning advice is based on the information you provide.

Note: This Estate Planning Questionnaire is for illustration purposes only and does not create an attorney-client relationship. The Estate Planning Questionnaire will be updated periodically to reflect any changes in laws or other factors that affect Estate Planning decisions.