October 6

Power of attorney or a Guardianship

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Power of attorney vs Guardianship Which IS BETTER?

At some point you may need to make decisions for your parents. You have the option of going through expense and emotion of having a Court appoint you as their guardian or having your parents appoint a power of attorney while they still have capacity. But which is better? This video will break down the difference between guardianship and power of attorney so that you can decide what best suits your family’s needs.

At some point, you may need to make decisions for your parents. As a child of an aging generation who has seen their parents suffer through dementia and Parkinson’s disease without proper care; it is important that we ensure they are taken good-care of in order not only protect them from any further suffering but also preserve what dignity remains as best we can during this difficult time. Guardianship vs Power Of Attorney: What's The Difference? will break down these two options so that there isn't confusion on which one would be better suited with each situation at hand!


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