February 15

How long does probate usually take

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Probate Seems to take forever

How long does probate usually take? It depends on what jurisdiction you live in.

In most jurisdictions, it's normally between four to six months and that is because if you look at the statute and the statutory timelines, if everything goes perfect, then you're usually done within that four to six month process.

Family Fights

However, if there's going to be fights or somebody joins in or a creditor comes forward that wants to argue about one point or another, then that probate process, the length of time that it takes to probate could get extended very quickly and take a much more than six months.

In other jurisdictions, I have also seen it take six to nine months to get a probate done. So it really just depends on where you are and whether or not, like I've said in other videos, whether or not your family is going to fight over your assets, even in Oklahoma, where it might only take four to six months if people start fighting.

Probate Fights Cost MONEY

I guarantee you you're looking at least a year, and the more time it takes, the more attorney fees and other costs are going to be attributed to completing your probate. I know I've thrown a lot at you today, so that's why we've prepared our free guide on estate planning.

I'll put a link to it in the description below and in the comment section below that so that you can download it and get started in the right direction and to help you out even more. Watch this video up here and this video up here.

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