June 16

Estate Planning Lawyer

Cortes Law Firm Oklahoma City Estate Planning Attorney

Estate planning lawyers. 

As estate planning lawyers, we like to work with our clients on an individual basis. Estate planning, like you have heard me say, many times before is not always just about what happens after you pass away. I think the most important part of estate planning is what happens to you, during your lifetime.

If you were to become incapacitated right now, what plan do you have in place to take care of you? Now, all of this together, all the documents that we're going to talk about today, all of this goes into your estate plan proper. Estate planning. When we meet with individuals, we want to meet with you and create an individual estate plan customized just for you.

We call this client centered estate planning.

Like I've said in all of my videos, this video is for educational purposes, Only. And before you do an estate plan, if you try to do it yourself, I advise you not to, but always do yourself the favor of getting educated on this subject. Right. If you want to become whatever it is in life, whatever a career, we have to educate ourselves on what we're going to do.

The same thing with estate planning. Read books about it. Watch videos. Watch these videos on our channel. Meet with an attorney, meet with more than one attorney, and figure out what is going to be best for you. Enjoy these videos. But remember, they're for educational purposes only and they're part of your education. To get you started on the right foot.


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